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New tourist product of  Brewery Daruvar

The tradition of brewing in Daruvar dates from the 19th century, more specifically since 1840, which makes the brewery in Daruvar the oldest industrial brewery in Croatia, which workscontinuously since its founding. With Staročeško beer, which has been produced under the same name since 1893, the brewery has been producing the 5thElement craft beer line since 2014.


In beer programs you will learn something about the history of beer and beer in general, you will see how beer is born, smell, taste different flavors of beer. Brewery Daruvar has prepared two beer stories for you and a beer Friday.


Our (first) beer story – Lager


In this unique harmony of taste and smell, we have prepared for you the perfect balance of premium quality cheese of Biogal dairy and craft beer 5thElement.

Experts and lovers of their work have participated in the selection of love stories, cheese and beer combinations, which will also convey their knowledge, tell you a story about well pairring and give you an experience of the taste and smell of their top products.

Remember, every cheese comes with some good beer!


Our (second) beer story – Pilsner

 In this beer story, master brewer Krešo Marić will tell you all about the history of brewing in Daruvar, and Mato Pejić, a well-known journalist and walking beer encyclopedia, will tell you the story of the beer culture and why beer is important to human history. In addition to the lecture, you will consume Staročeško unfiltered beer and beer bannocks.

The lecture is followed by a delicious and original beer dinner, where you can order beer at promotional prices. Currently there are 3 types of Staročeško beer and 9 types of 5thElement craft beer.


Beer Friday

 The program is designed as an educational and entertaining team building for smaller groups.

Arrival in Daruvar in the early evening, accommodation in Daruvar spa (double bedroom, 3 *), welcome beer at the brewery, beer dinner at the brewery (two courses). Unlimited beer consumption and top quality entertainment until morning (the brewery's hall is yours only). At leaving you get a gift pack (3 Staročeško beers and a glass).

After a merry Friday, after a buffet breakfast, you will have unlimited relaxation in the thermal water pools of the Daruvar Spa.


A tour of the brewery

Visiting the brewery in the morning or early afternoon. Tour of the brewery with expert accompaniment.

Tasting of draft Staročeško beer at the brewery. Gift pack of 4 Staročeško beers.

Duration of the tour and tasting: approx. 90 minutes.

You'll learn how to serve and taste beer, and how to pair beer and food, and maybe we'll show you some tricks. 

By the time you finish our story, you will acquire a lot of new knowledge, but most important, you will have a good time and come back to Daruvar again.

 The program is for adults (18+).

 Program details and pricing can be found at

 Organizers and program holder: Brewery Daruvar d.o.o.

 Project partners: Daruvar-Papuk Tourist Board, Daruvarske spa, BIOGAL d.o.o. (dairy) and Bakery "IMAKO".

 Address: A.M. Reljkovića 2, 43 500 Daruvar

 Mob: 00385 91 47 31 629





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