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Polyclinic Dr. Maletić

Polyclinic Dr. Maletić

‘’Polyclinic Dr. Maletić’’ which is located on King Tomislav Square 2/1, in the city centre, was the first medical institution where the first laser surgery of vein was performed.

It was founded in the 1997, by spouses Dr. Ines Maletić and Dr. Duško Maletić, and ten years later their daughter Dr. Ana Maletić joined to the team of doctors. MSc Duško Maletić, Md. surgeon specialist since 1984 and urology specialist since 1988 with more than thirty years of experience in the field of surgery is also an author of several expert publications regarded to the field of medicine where he is active. He has also been active as an educator in these areas, and several times per year he is holding training seminars for its fellow doctors from all parts of Europe.

Since 2012 Polyclinic is registered as a polyclinic for surgery and anaesthesiology with daily hospital. An experienced surgical team, with a prominent individual approach towards patients and many years of experience in the field of aesthetic medicine and surgery clinics are guarantee for the patient’s satisfaction and safety. With the use of modern technology and modern surgical equipment, following the new practice trends in “Polyclinic Maletić’’ you can fulfill your wishes regarding the correction and rejuvenation of your own body image, raise your own satisfaction, mental and physical health level as well as your level of personal happiness. Delightful rooms, peaceful city, discreet staff and the constant care for patients will help you during the process of preparing for surgery as well as in postoperative care.

Thanks to the following of the latest treatment trends, “Polyclinic Maletić’’ health care team conducts occlusive laser treatments of varicose leg veins, and as the only clinic in South Eastern Europe it has a license with the original EXODERM formula for the execution of the deep facial chemical peeling as a method of facial rejuvenation that has the best long-term results. Among the other services that are provided we can mention: hair transplantation (using FUE method-now surely the best method of hair transplantation), liposuction, corrective facial surgery (minimally invasive facial rejuvenation using radiofrequency PELLEVE), aesthetic breast surgery and other laser treatments.


Polyclinic Maletić

King Tomislav Square 2/1, 43500 Daruvar

Tel: 00385 43 / 335 - 330

FAX: 00385 43 / 440 - 330

Mob: 00385 99 / 6708 - 749




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