Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is golden wine of Daruvar and it is made from carefully selected vineyards. An important factor for the success of the wine is the right combination of sun rays and beneficial rains on vineyards located on the tame slopes of Bilogora, Papuk and Psunj, along with special conditions in the cellar of castle Janković. But above all, the reason for the success is the knowledge and effort of the experts of Winery Daruvar.  

Along with top quality and quality wine types of sauvignon, graševina, chardonnay and rajnski rizling, Vinarija Daruvar also has an exclusive line of late and selected harvests, signed by the enologist Suzana Jurišić.


Sauvignon Daruvar comes from a very special cellar. From 1771 until 1777, count Janković built his castle in Daruvar. By redecorating the cellar of the castle, Vinarija Daruvar got the ideal place to mature this top quality wine, and it also got a representative vine salon and boutique. An interesting fact is that the walls of the cellar are dug in several meters into the ground so the temperature is the same during the summer and winter, and ranges between 10 and 14°C.   

The golden Sauvignon Daruvar is a very clear, greenish-yellow colored wine and its delicate aroma interweaves varietal elder bouquets with exotic fruits aromas and caramel-honey tones. It is soft and full in flavor, and the aromas pleasantly resume in its taste. The after taste is long, fruity and fresh. With such top quality characteristics, it is no wonder that it overwhelmed European wine experts. This amazing wine is easy to combine, but because of its aroma, Sauvignon Daruvar is a perfect match with goat cheese, ripe cow cheese, gilt-head bream or sea bass, hors-d’oeuvres from foie gras or pate and clam and sea fish specialties. Its’ aroma is also an amazing match with meals made from veal.

Sauvignon Daruvar is also appropriate for smaller sweet deserts such as pancakes (or crêpes) and pies. Some say that Sauvignon Daruvar is a woman’s wine because women love more aromatic types. But this doesn’t mean that men should be denied the exquisite sensation of enjoying Sauvignon Daruvar.

Cool it to the temperature of 8-10°C and serve in tall slim glasses that will accentuate its rich scent.

Sauvignon Daruvar is the most prized Croatian wine:  
  • Sauvignon Daruvar 2006. MundusVini 2007. – gold medal      
  • Vinalies Internationales 2007. in Paris  - silver medal     
  • Sauvignon Daruvar 2007. Vinitaly 2008.- the great gold medal     
  • Concours mondial de Bruxelles 2008. – gold medal      
  • Vino Ljubljana 2008. – gold medal      
  • Vinalies Internationales 2008. in Paris  - silver medal      
  • Decanter world wine awards – London 2008.– bronze medal      
  • Sauvignon Daruvar 2008. MundusVini 2009. - silver medal   

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