Parks of Sirač

Parks of Sirač

There are two parks in Sirač: a park dedicated to the defenders of Sirač and a park of sculptures which hosts sculpture colonies.

Defenders of Sirač Park

The Park as the memorial mark of the defenders of Sirač was revealed on 26. November 2005 on the day of the forming of the IV. troop of the 52. independent battalion ZNG in 1991 made of Sirač residents. Until that day, the victims of the Croatian War of Independence didn't have an adequate memorial mark apart from the grand cross at the local cemetery.

The park was designed so that the main memorial mark, made from a huge natural stone block from the Sirač quarry, was placed at the centre in the dominant position while 12 smaller stones were scattered around it in the park, representing our 12 fallen defenders. On each of those stones only their nicknames, by which they were called in Sirač, are written.

The idea was to “return” them, in a symbolic way, to their park in which they planted trees as children, at the playground of the nearby school that they all attended, at the “Vrbak”(today’s park) around which they bathed, at the benches where they kissed for the first time and parted forever.

Park of Sculptures Sirač

The park of Sculptures was officially opened on 5th June 2008. The company “Kamen Sirač”, for its birthday, has bestowed this beautiful Park of Sculptures upon Sirač at the cultivated area of 4800 m² in which selected creations from present and future colonies will find its place.

So far in Sirač there a total of three sculpture colonies have been held, and with the closing of the last, third, sculptured colony “Kamen Sirač”, new creations have been exhibited in the newly arranged Park of Sculptures in Sirač which is located between the administrative building “Kamen” and the elementary school Sirač.

International Dark Sky Park Vrani kamen

Turn off the lights and tourn on the stars

International Dark Sky Park Vrani kamen

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