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Public Library

The Bible in gold

The Bible or the Holy Scripture is the fundamental book of Christianity and most Christians have it in their homes. But, to have in your town a Bible in gold is a rare privilege.

On the 28th of June 2011., the mayor of Daruvar, Dalibor Rohlik, and the director of the Public open library Daruvar, Romana Horvat, signed a title deed for the Bible in gold under the number 1068.

The Bible in gold, a precious, hand binded and richly illustrated book, was printed by Kršćanska sadašnjost and Mozaik knjiga in an edition of 1500 copies. The richly equipped book with biblical texts is followed by a valuable pictoral database from the collection of the Austrian national library in Vienna, and which was given by the Habsburg court. It consists of 300 prints made between the 10th and 17th century. The impression of luxury is additionally emphasized by the elegant binding with decorative, gold ornaments and gold buckles on the covers. It also as a specially made wooden chest in which it is kept. The Bible is browsed in white cotton gloves.

For a thousand of books like this it takes more than a years’ work, and the Bible was made at the same time in several European workshops specialized for those and similar editions.

Working time when the Bible can be seen:

TUESDAY 10,00 -12,00 o’clock

WEDNESDAY 14,00 – 16,00 o’clock

The Daruvar Public Open Library
Stjepana Radića 5, 43500 Daruvar
Tel: 00385 43/ 331-592
Fax: 00385 43/ 333-468

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