Cultural societies

Cultural societies

Folklore group – FS “Holubička”

The folklore group of the Czech society Daruvar “Holubička” (eng. Dove) is a representative amateur folklore society of Czechs in Croatia. Since 1985, the folklore ensemble has worked and performed more than a hundred times in Croatia and in foreign countries like the Czech Republic, Austria and Italy.

Information: Tomislav Doležal
Cell phone: 00385 98/ 174-0396

Serbian cultural society “PROSVJETA” subcommittee Daruvar

The Serbian cultural society “Prosvjeta” has performed for a very long period in Croatia and in Daruvar. The subcommittee Daruvar started to work actively in 2005. and they gathered lot of members from the town and neighboring communities, so they had to establish sections. Today the society has 105 members who work in folklore, music, singing and art sections. The main goal of the society is to preserve the cultural heritage of this area.

President: Srđan Bojčić, Cell phone: 00385 98/ 956-8690
Secretary: Jasmina Trkulja, Cell phone: 00385 98/ 1822-553

Female a capella group Stentoria

The female a capella group Stentoria was founded on 9th November 2009. They sing dalmatian a capella songs and covers of popular songs. Besides their numerous smaller performances in town, they have also held three standalone concerts in Daruvar. On 11th January 2012, they have performed on the television program "Lijepom našom" in Garešnica. In the summer of 2012 they were guests at the a capella festival "Povljana u pismi" on the island Pag, and at the a capella festival in Sisak.
In the purpose of promoting a capella music and Croatian cultural heritage of a capella groups, the group joined the Croatian cultural-artistic society Lahor as their singing section.

Their love of music, traditional and modern sound, and authentic a capella singing has set the guidelines which they follow in their work.
The members of the group are: Lida Farkaš, Antonia Varat, Tena Farkaš, Ivana Klubička, Maja Cabrnoh, Miroslava Verasto, Maja Ulovec and Romana Bakarić.

Managers: Lida Farkaš and Romana Bakarić
00385 98/ 817-665 – Romana B.

Cultural artistic society "KAMEN" Sirač

Sirač has a long tradition of cultural-artistic work. The first time the society was founded was around 1952 and it was called Croatian cultural society Napredak (Progress).
Today’s Cultural Artistic Society “Kamen” Sirač began its work in 2002. The members are involved in three sections: folklore, tambourine and drama. Their activities include: preservation and cultivation of native customs, songs and dances, and other national treasures of this region, participating in various events, performing occasional and dramatic programs, collaboration with other organizations, performances at various festivals, the enlargement of existing fundus of costumes and instruments.

Address: Stjepana Radiča 112, 43541 Sirač
President: Kristijan Matijašević, Cell phone: 00385 98/ 781-882
Manager: Emil Turi, Cell phone: 00385 98/ 364-929

Daruvar's majorettes

Daruvar's majorettes were founded in 1997 at the initiative of Miss Vesna Dubravec from the society "Bulwark of love".
Daruvar's majorettes are members of the Croatian majorette union and they participate in regional and state competitions. At the moment, Daruvar's majorettes have 40 members in their team and they are divided in three categories. The majorettes have approximately thirty appearances annually.

Address: Town Hall, King Tomislav Square 14, 43500 Daruvar
Tel: 00385 43/ 331-622

City brass music Daruvar 1922

The tradition of brass music is linked with the development of the thermal springs in Daruvar. In the old inscriptions, we find that the beginnings of brass music start with the immigration Czech's in this area. Saloon orchestras entertained visitors during their stay in the thermae, playing at the music pavilion in Julije's park. In the orchestra, apart from Daruvar's musicians, musicians from the Czech Republic played, and among them the famous musician and composer Karel Koleta i Vaclav Řiha.
„City brass music Daruvar 1922“, which was established 87 years ago, maintained that tradition and enhanced it by organizing the International festival of brass music FLIG in Daruvar.

Address: Matije Gupca 6, 43500 Daruvar
President: Veronika Pilat, Cell phone: 00385 99/ 731-3571

Painting group “DA” Daruvar

In 1972, the painting group was established, but at the beginning it was called “the Painting club” Daruvar and it gathered painting artists and everyone else who had the need to express themselves. In 1991, the painting club joined the Mainstream of Croatia and gained the new name Painting group “DA” Daruvar. With paint and a brush they recorded landscapes, vases with flowers and people. They also organized collective painting exhibits in the country and in foreign countries (Hungary, Germany and Italy) and they gathered around twenty members, fifteen of which are active.
They paint with oil, dry pastels, watercolours, combined techniques and in sculpture they use clay, plaster, wood and bronze. Every year they organize the Painting colony of the Centre Rudolf Steiner in Daruvar.

Address: Ruđera Boškovića 6, 43500 Daruvar
President: Ljubica Petrinić, Phone: 00385 43/ 333-160
Secretary: Miroslava Koprek, Phone: 00385 43/ 331-665

International Dark Sky Park Vrani kamen

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International Dark Sky Park Vrani kamen

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