Roman forest

Roman forest

Next to the main town square and Daruvar spa there is a natural and healthy park-forest i.e. the Roman forest.The Roman forest is populated with various vegetative and animal worlds that inhabit an area of 20 hectares. Within the forest, the Jewish cemetery and Julius brum, the spring of love, can be found.

The inside of the forest is arranged and marked with pebbled paths and benches for resting.A long time ago, the forest was used as a shortcut for workers who worked in the vineyards, because its location connects the town centre and the vineyard area.

Also, its location represents the beginning of the hiking route towards Petrov vrh, Vranjevina, Vrani Kamen, Crni vrh, Kiku, etc. Historical parks of Daruvar and the Roman forest, that connect the town and its green areas with the slopes of Papuk and its forest, are wealthy with vegetative life that is also protected.

The Jewish cemetery

Daruvar is rich in historical and archaeological value from the Roman and medieval periods, with thermal springs and in its centre has preserved the natural unit called the Roman forest. Within the forest, in the eastern part, next to the marked trails, there is a Jewish cemetery, which dates from the early 19th century.

In the cemetery, there are 160 monuments – large and small marble and stone tablets, that rise above the greenery and about hundred of them have inscriptions in Hebrew, German and Croatian. Since 1973, the Jewish cemetery is a Protected Monument of Culture of Nazi terror victims.

Julius Brum

Inside the Roman park-forest, there is also a water spring called Julius Brum (Julio's spring or Spring of Love). According to the myth, when you drink the water from that spring, you will fall in love.



Photography by: Damir Bakarić

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