Getting here
By car, bus or by train

By car, bus or by train

Daruvar is located in the north-west part of Croatia, in the west part of the Slavonia region. It is located 132 km away from the capital, Zagreb, 50 km from Bjelovar, 52 km from Virovitica and around 165 km from Osijek.

The area of Daruvar is around two hours drive away from big city centres such as Zagreb (in the west) and Osijek (in the east), as well as Pécs in Hungary (in the north-east) and Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina (in the south). 

Cities Graz, Maribor, Ljubljana, Rijeka, Novi Sad and Belgrade are located up to four hours drive away.

If you are arriving to Daruvar from Zagreb, you should take the highway exit Kutina on the 64th km of the highway. In Kutina, follow the road signs to Garešnica which is 20 km away. You will arrive to Daruvar very simply and fast from Garešnica via Uljanik.

Apart from driving here in motor vehicles, guest can also come to the area by bus.  

The Zagreb-Daruvar bus line operates several times a day, it is maintained by the carrier Čazmatrans, and a one-way trip lasts from 2 hours and 20 minutes to 3 hours and 5 minutes.

The railway line Zagreb- Daruvar runs several times per day, it is maintained by the carrier Croatian railways. The travel in one direction takes from 2 hours 30 minutes until 4 hours 30 minutes. 

International Dark Sky Park Vrani kamen

Turn off the lights and tourn on the stars

International Dark Sky Park Vrani kamen

Tourist Webcam


Tourist webcam of Tourist board Daruvar - Papuk

Town Daruvar - central square where it all happens