Ribnjaci Končanica

Ribnjaci Končanica



It is located along the river Ilova, in the region of Končanica and it is among the oldest ponds. Building of the ponds started in 1900 on the forest fields and meadows, on an area of 1 470 hectares with the length of 12 kilometres. Of the total 1 470 hectares, the production area occupies 1 000 hectares.

Along with the production of freshwater fish (the products are mainly carp, pike, perch, etc.) the Pond "Končanica" masters the common hunting ground of the forest and agriculture land and the game farm on the pond are, along with providing active recreation through recreational fishing in an environmentally - preserved nature and a healthy environment. Although it has a modest production, the ponds “Končanica” are the holder of the development of this area.


Sport fishing pond

 Except fish farming, Ribnjačarstvo Končanica provides turist offer. Sport fishing pond is one piece of turist-recreational offer and it is open for all visitors, whether they are fishermans, hiker or random passer-by. Pond is settled nearby the road wich connects place Končanica and Veliki Zdenci, so it becamed a rest station for people who are driving through.

Surface of the pond is 27 hectares, out of wich rising 5 small islands, which are giving additional atractivity and beauty to this landscape. Fish fund in the pond makes carp with 85% of total fish, grasscarp, pike, silver carp and bighead carp. Also, in the pond are released many capital fish – carp heavier than 15 kilograms.Sport fishing pond includes cateriing facility, rotisseries and wooden arbour with bench for fishermans, and also visitors who are desirous of peace and nice nature.

Sport fishing pond has an ornithology value because of many different bird species which are living on it and around him. All this factors, nice pond, rich fish fund and clean enviroment were predisposition that sport fishing pond Končanica in short term becomes one of the favorite destination for many fishermans and their families. If you still didn't, we hope that you will very soon visit our sport fishing pond and enjoy your time.



Ribnjačarstvo Končanica

Address: Končanica 488, 43505 Končanica

Tel: 0038543/325-181

Fax: 0038543/325-184

E-mail: ribnjacarstvo.koncanica@bj.t-com.hr

Web: www.ribnjacarstvo-koncanica.hr 

Authors of photography: Damir Bakarić, Matej Turbić, Olga Melnik i Siniša Biljan

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