Family estate
Family estate Kristina Horvat - house

Family estate Kristina Horvat - house

Adress: Dioš 30b, 43 505 Končanica
Contact person: Katarina Horvat
Mob: +385 99 513 7234

The family farm is located in the municipality of Končanica, in a quiet and by nature surrounded place called Dioš, only 6 km from the center of Daruvar.
Next to the family farm Kristina Horvat ☼ ☼ there is a children's playground, and one of the youngest Slavonian castles, Dioš Castle, is nearby. In the municipality of Končanica, only 3 km away, there is Fish farming Končanica d.d., the oldest fishpond in Croatia, which also contains the Sports Pond intended for recreational activities for fishing lovers and enjoying the benefits of nature.

As part of the family farm, guests can be accommodated in an building in a type of robinson accommodation.



Wooden house for robinson accommodation, the only one of its kind registered in Bjelovar-Bilogora County. It can accommodate 5 people at a time, and in addition to the sleeping area, there is also an equipped kitchen, toilet, TV, radio and an outdoor shower.


In front of the entrance there are a terrace and a pond with a boat, which you can use at your own risk.
Additional facilities to use include a fireplace and a covered area for socializing with solid wood tables and benches. Parking is provided and free for all guests.


In the Wooden House for robinson accommodation you will be greeted by peace and quiet and tranquility of the forest and the surrounding fields.

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