Imperial cage cup

Imperial cage cup

Vas diatretum Daruvarense = Imperial cage cup

The Romans were, apart from using the thermal water, enjoying wine, to which a testament is the Imperial cage cup – the most beautiful archaeological finding of Roman Daruvar.

In 1789 in the area of the Roman park-forest, in a luxurious roman stone tomb, a diatret glass cup for wine was found – such cups are, because of their great value, called Imerial cage cups - the Imperial cage cup of the emperor Aurelius from the 4th century, which is known as "Vas diatretum Daruvarense". The production of such cups was most advanced in the time of the emperor Constantine the Great.Our first Croatian conservationist, Gjuro Szabo, named this cup a "divotkup" or Vas diatretum Daruvarense.  

The cup was made from transparent glass, about 12 cm high, 9 cm wide and on the upper border, there is an inscription FAVENTIB.
The cup is actually a glass in a basket made from glass rings end everything is whet by emery wheels.

Today the cup is in Vienna's Kunsthistorisches Museum. The cup is also a symbol of the festival "Vinodar" – the international wine exhibit of Bjelovar-bilogora County that is held in Daruvar.
The enlarged replica of the Imperial cage cup today adorns the geothermal spring in town, which is situated in the main town square, known as "Toše's spring".

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