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Daruvar wine route

Daruvar wine route

Good wine connoisseurs knows that Daruvar is known for its excellent varieties of grapes and quality wines. Vineyard farming in this area has a centuries-old tradition and a rich history, because the gentle, sunny slopes of Papuk provide ideal conditions for grape growing and winemaking. A diatret glass goblet for wine – an imperial crown cup named "Vas diatretum Daruvarense" which was found in 1789 in the Roman forest, testifies that Daruvar is known for its wine.


Daruvar's wine road consists of of seven different points and starts from the town center. With its shape and purpose, it connects the remotest points of the Daruvar wine road. On one side, there are points which are located in Daruvar vineyards: the Winery Lotada, which offers wine tasting with an enologist and bottles of wine packed in gift packs, and the family estate Voborski, which is located in Vrbovac and offers wine tasting in an old stone fort built in 1960 – a viewpoint in the middle of vineyards. On the other side, the wine road links the ethno estate Kovačević, which is decorated in the style of Slavonian vintners and provides the services of rural tourism, with the central part of the road. On the central part of the road, You can find the Tavern "Queen" – a restaurant that offers local and Czech specialties and Daruvar wine; the mini dairy "Biogal" which, with their quality cheeses, complements the story about wine; and two points of Badel 1862 d.d. – Winery Daruvar - one point is in the basement of the castle Jankovich which thr Winery Daruvar turned into a representative wine tasting premises.

OPG Kovačević


Wines: Graševina, Gewürztraminer, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir
Capacity: 50 guests on the so called „small stable“, 15 guests in the wine-tasting room, 60 guests on the outdoor terrace, 6 guests for overnight stay. 
Additional offer:  ethno-exhibition, traditional cooper's handcraft, tour of the vineyard by a farm-wagon.

The Kovačević family has been engaged in production of grapes and wines for five generations. In 2003 they registered the estate for production of grapes and wines; and since 2008 this family business has been engaged in agro-tourism as well. It is registered as a winery and offers accommodation in double rooms and a suite. The place is arranged in the traditional style of Slavonian winemakers and offers the service of rural tourism: with prior announcement, wine-tastings, occasional celebrations, lunches and evening companies can be organized. 

The farm provides overnight stay in double rooms and suit which are furnished like our grandmother's rooms: with antique furniture, hand-embroidered linen... An old-timer tractor from the nineteen fifties can be found on the estate with a wine container. This family cultivates 1.9 hectares of their own vineyards.

Contact:Franje Kuhača 49, 43500 Daruvar
Phone: 00385 99/ 578-1927

Badel 1862 d.d.- Winery Daruvar Castle of Janković


Wines: Graševina, Souvignon, Rhine Riesling, Chardonnay, predicate wines
Capacity: 40 guests
Additional offer: Roman ruins from archives, wine archives, museum of wine equipment, souvenirs

Wines of Winery Daruvar Badel 1862 originated from the so called „golden cellar“ of the castle of Janković  which was built by count Janković from 1771 to 1777. It is an ideal space for maturing of excellent and quality wines, but also a representative wine tasting room and wine boutique are located there. It is interesting that the cellar walls are dug several meters into the ground, thus enabling an equal temperature during summer and winter which is between 10 and 14°C.

Wines of Winery Daruvar won many awards and medals on prestigious world wine evaluations in recent years and classified this winery in „Golden winery“. In this baroque space you can taste wines of count origin and listen professinal coments of wine expert.

Contact: Ivana Gundulića 1, 43500 Daruvar
Phone: 00385 43/ 331-943
Fax: 00385 43/ 331-997        
Cell Phone: 00385 98/ 208-378 

Winery Lotada


Wines: Graševina, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Traminer
Capacity: 70 guests
Additional offer: 0.7 litre bottles packed as a gift-packages for sale, making labels for wine bottles with the logo of your choice for special occasions, business partners, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

The Winery Lotada has run a family business since 1996 which is owned by Adela and Oto Leniček, both graduated agronomist of fruit and wine-growing of winemaking orientation. Vineyards, the wine cellar and the wine tasting room are located in the widely known wine growing region where quality grapevines were planted even in Roman times.

The capacity of the wine cellar is 120 000 liters and it is equipped with modern equipment for processing, storage, and filling wines, achieving high quality wines which are recognized by awarding gold medals at many wine exhibitions. Crafts Lotada offers tasting of wines organized for group visits in the wine-tasting room with professional comments of wine experts.

Contact:Daruvarski vinogradi 82, Daruvar
Phone/fax: 00385 43/ 332-453 
Cell phone: 00385 98/ 1670-264

OPG Voborski

Wines: Graševina, Frankovka
Capacity: 18 guests in the rooms of the so called „tower“ and 20 guest in the open.
Additional offer: an exhibition of traditional tools for vineyard cultivation.

The Voborski family is engaged in the production of grapes and wine. It has continued the long-time tradition in cultivation of the family Vezmar's vineyards on area of 1.5 ha. Some grapevines are from 50 to 80 years old and still provide excellent wines. In the heart of the vineyard there is a stone building- the so called „small fort“ and look-out known as „Vezmars tower“ which was built in 1960. It's terrace offers a beautiful view of the town Daruvar as well as of Daruvar vineyards.

Contact:Svibanjska 14, 43500 Daruvar
Phone: 00385 43/ 333-098
Cell phone: 00385 99/ 2179-568

Badel 1862 d.d. Winery Daruvar


Wines: Graševina, Sauvignon, Rhine Riesling, Chardonnay, predicate wines
Capacity: 60 guests
Additional offer: discount wine-sale

The Daruvar wine-growing area covers the gentle slopes of Bilogora, Papuk and Psunj at altitudes from 150 to 240 m. On the area of more than 160 ha in Donji Daruvar and Đulovac, Badel 1862- Winery Daruvar cultivates sorts of grapevine recommendable for this climate.The most representative sort of wine is Graševina followed by Chardonnay, Rhine Riesling and Sauvignon. The high technological level as well as professional staff resources result in a rational and adequate technology of grapes production which is by its quality very good raw material for production of the best wines.

In Donji Daruvar close to the Winary, on the hill above the immense rows of grapevines, it is a place where wine holidays, the ancient folk customs of St. Vincent and St. Martin, are celebrated with rich wine and gastronomic offer of the Daruvar region. In the wine-growing localities of Đulovac and Donji Daruvar, there are possibilities of tasting  wine in the open, close to the vineyards, of pleasant stay in countryside, and also of experiencing joy and delight of grape harvest.

Contact: Bjelovarska 66, 43500 Donji Daruvar
Phone: 00385 43/ 331-943                           
Fax: 00385 43/ 331-997 
Cell phone: ++385 98 208-378

BIOGAL Chese dairy


Cheese: goat's and  cow's milk (cottage cheese, semi-hard, and hard, smoked cheese, cheese in oil, cheese with herbs...)
Possibility of touring the cheese production
Capacity 60 guests

For more than 15 years Biogal has met the needs of consumers all over the Croatia offering high quality dairy products. Premium cheese delicacies, which won many prizes, are produced trough dedicated work respecting tradition of our region and using milk produced strictly on small farms under controlled conditions.We believe that our dedication to work and quality of the products will have effect on our pride and on our consumers satisfaction as well.Today, owing to consumers trust, Biogal has in its assortment more than ten products under its own brand.

Milke Trnine 20, 43500 Donji Daruvar
Phone: 00385 43/ 344-222
Cell phone: 00385 98/ 700-722

Tavern Queen

Wines: Daruvar wine-growing area
Capacity: 130 guests

Dishes of local traditional Czech cuisine as well dishes made of venison.
Well-known quality in serving of hot and cold beverages, in preparation and serving of cold and hot dishes and catering service. The possibility of organizing of various meetings and parties in its own rooms.

Svačićeva 14, Daruvar
Phone: 00385 43/ 334 320 
Cell phone: 00385 98/ 564 065

International Dark Sky Park Vrani kamen

Turn off the lights and tourn on the stars

International Dark Sky Park Vrani kamen

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