Castle Dioš

Castle Dioš

Dioš is one of the youngest Slavonian castles situated on the hill with the same name, about 7km north of Daruvar, near the settlement Končanica.


It was built in 1904 by contemporary owners of Daruvar's feudal possession, the noble Alajoš Tükory and his wife Paula, born Falkenberger, for their daughter Marija.


The owners did not allow the appearance of the castle to give away an impression of a country-life villa or a house for hunters. They wanted it to look like a lord's house. The luxuriant architecture of the castle, the room’s interior and the compatibility of outdoor elements make this monument beautiful and rich.Trough hundreds of years of its existence, the owners changed and the castle was used for various purposes.


In 1995, the castle Dioš was returned to the monks (Silesians) and it is not open for public. Every year, in May, on the catholic holiday – a holiday of great importance for the monks, they carry out the procession that gathers a large number of believers and the curious.


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