Daruvar position
Investment prospectus

Investment prospectus

Investment prospectus for hotel projects in Daruvar

The town Daruvar has initiated several projects for tourism development, including initiatives for the conversion of castle Janković into a high category hotel and the building of a new hotel in one of two locations in the vicinity of the Thermal water park Aquae Balissae. The town Daruvar plans to enable the development of these projects on the basis of issuing a long-term concession to its strategic partner (partners) with investment and managerial references for a project of this kind.

The project contains the following areas:

  • A summary of hotel projects

  • Croatia and Daruvar (a general and legislative environment)

  • Tourism and the hotel industry of continental Croatia and Daruvar

  • Hotel Castle Janković

  • Hotel Aquae Balissae

  • Hotel Roman Forest

Investment projects of Town Daruvar (Croatian).pdf

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