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Sport  preparation

Sport preparation

„Daruvarske toplice“ is a well known sports centre of continental Croatia and many people have recognized it as an ideal place for the preparation of sport teams and national teams as well.

The Daruvar spa is one of the few places that offers services for the individual treatment of injured athletes (functional isokinetic diagnostics - Biodex system) supervised by doctors of sports medicine and kinesiologists. 

The quality of the work of the expert team is recognised by many top quality Croatian athletes: Ivica Kostelić, Janica Kostelić, Ana Jelušić, Natko Zrnčić-Dim, Zlatko Horvat, Sandra Perković, Mirko Filipović, Mario Ančić and many others. i mnogi drugi. The Daruvar spa is an ideal place for athletes to prepare beacuse of the unique natural environment, a great choice of sport facilities in one place, and a team of experts of the Centre for kinesiological diagnostics and sports rehabilitation. 

They offer many possibilities for quality preparations:  
  • fitness club within Daruvarske toplice
  • sports hall within Daruvarske toplice
  • town sports hall (15 minutes walking distance)
  • large football field (next to Daruvarske toplice)
  • reserve football field (with lighting)
  • natural wavy circular trim track in the woods park, length 1500 m
  • new school sports hall – 15 minutes
  • pools with healing thermal water
  • watersaunas, solariums, 
  • Jacuzzi, steam bath, massages

Daruvar spa
Address: Julijev park 1, 43500 Daruvar
Tel: 00385 43/ 623-000
Fax: 00385 43/ 331-455

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International Dark Sky Park Vrani kamen

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