St. Anna Convent

In the vicinity of the village of Mala Maslenjača there is a monastery from the 15th century and the church of St. Anna in gothic style. They were built in 1412 by the Paulists of the St. Benedict Order. The Turks left them in ruins after which the monks of Pakra monastery came and reconstructed the church and the monastery. In 1779, by the order of Maria Theresa they were expelled from the monastery and it was given to the landlord Isidore Janković, who later used the monastery and the church as a storage for hay. In 1836 it was used as a barn and it was completely neglected.
Moreover, even despite its stormy history, the Church of St. Anna keeps numerous gothic elements and belongs to the most valuable structures of this part of continental Croatia. The Church is made out of one room and is enhanced with pillars. Altars apse is trilateral on the outside, while on the inside it is semicircular. The altar part is lit up with three gothic biforas. On the north and south there are three gothic biforas that enlighten the prow of the temple. At the north side is the entrance as well as on the west side, above which there is a gothic unifor. There is no trace of a once grand gothic tower that was seen in 1702. There can also be seen a few damaged icons from the 18th century. The iconostasis from 1906 was made by an artist from Zagreb, while the frames were done by an unknown carpenter from Pakrac. The iconostasis was done very unskillfully and poorly. This monument is under the protection of the state and the nuns maintain it.

Convent Pakra

It was founded during the Ottoman rule, and built by Orthodox monks. It was fortified, and when priests vacated it and moved to St. Ana's monastery near Bastaji in 1735, monks from Bosnia arrived there. They built a new monastery with a baroque church rich with artefacts (1761-1765). The church was built in a baroque style. The iconostasis, which is inside the baroque church, is from 18th century and it was made by an artist from Novi Sad, Vaso Ostojić. The monastery Pakra had many valuable things, which the monks from Mileševo brought when they stayed in the monastery. However, every trace of too many valuable items has been lost.
The monastery is surrounded by beautiful nature and is located between Daruvar and Sirač, in a glen of a small river. Today, the convent is taken care by an orthodox priest mr Luka Bosanac, who is a priest in Daruvar's orthodox church of 318 God's fathers.

Contact:  Đorđe Ostojić
Phone: 00385 95 / 8366-999

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