Cup of joy
About project

About the project

This is how it all started…

A famous American slogan goes something like this; Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. “

I have united my love towards Daruvar and the love towards my motorbike in the project;  From Daruvar to the tops of the Ural Mountains. By undertaking this project, I was trying to help my town develop as a tourist destination. It was a tourist promotional project and it gave me the opportunity to show potential tourists all the natural beauties of Daruvar and our region. I succeeded in doing that during 2015.

So far the tourist promotion has mainly been based on visiting tourist fairs. Exhibitors find the fairs expensive and they are usually visited by people who already know where they want to travel.

I turned the story upside down. The idea was to distribute promotional leaflets in hostels, cafes, restaurants and places where the tourism is at an early stage of development such as; Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus. My sponsors supported my idea and, to show my gratitude, I put their sticker ads all over my motorbike. I packed dozens of kilograms of promotional leaflets from Daruvar Spa, Tourist office Daruvar-Papuk and Polyclinic Dr. Maletić, all on my motorbike and set on a 10 000 kilometers journey…

I distributed the flyers, took photographs with people on the way telling them they absolutely have to come and visit Daruvar. On my journey I was followed by local and foreign media and countless Facebook fans. I returned after 23 days of driving, tired and 7 kilograms lighter. I made new friends, gained new life experiences and great pride for doing something for my hometown.

After seeing this was a good idea I shared it with the senior students of School of Economics and tourism Daruvar and that is how their story Daruvar – Cup of joy began. 

International Dark Sky Park Vrani kamen

Turn off the lights and tourn on the stars

International Dark Sky Park Vrani kamen

Tourist Webcam


Tourist webcam of Tourist board Daruvar - Papuk

Town Daruvar - central square where it all happens