In the Juli's park or Spa park, along with the previously mentioned baths, villas and centuries-old trees, there is a small fountain adorned by a bronze sculpture of a naked woman or “woman bather”. It's one of the symbols of Daruvar and the Daruvar spa.


The bronze sculpture was made by Antun Augustinčić in 1927. The style that was used for the sculpture is typical (distinctive) for the period between the two world wars – reminiscent of art deco, which is best seen in facial expressions, the position of the eyes, mouth and hair.

The leaders of the town and the Daruvar spa, with a wish to enrich the spa park with a sculpture, came to Klanjec to Antun Augustinčić and they managed, for a small amount of money, to by the sculpture, which was, allegedly, standing in the corner of the yard, dirty and covered with board. The citizens of town Daruvar affectionately call the sculpture Naked Maja, Sad Maja or Sad Mara.

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International Dark Sky Park Vrani kamen

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