Springs of thermal water

Springs of thermal water

Among other things, in the Spa park there are two outfitted thermal water springs: Antun’s well and Ivan’s well, which is also called the Wishing well.

Daruvar is distinguishable by its warm water springs with healing properties, or, in other words, by its thermal wells, and by its deposits of mineral treasures such as peloid and “fango”. Thermo-mineral water was always used for healing and rehabilitation and also, because of its healing properties, for baths and drinking.

Thermal water is, according to its composition and balneological classification, acratothermal (indifferent water with mineralization under 1g/liter). Chemical analysis determined that calcium and magnesium prevail among the kations, and hidrocarbonates prevail among the anions.

As far as radioactivity goes, it is very low and decreases with a water source. The chemical composition of all of the water springs in town is almost identical, but the temperature varies from 39,2 to 47,5 degrees Celsius.

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