Sarcophagus with relief

Sarcophagus with relief

In Veliki Bastaji, within the municipality Đulovac, there is an archaeological site in which two sarcophagus and three stone tablets from the 4th century before Christ were found!

In the village of Veliki Bastaji, in 1842 during some amateur research a tomb was unearthed in which they found two sarcophagi and three stone tablets inscribed with Christian content in Latin hexameters, which dates from the 4th century before Christ. A marble sarcophagus was preserved and today it is located in the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, and one tablet of limestone is built into the wall of the Castle of count Antun Janković.

The sarcophagus, built of Pohorje marble and decorated with images of the deceased and with the scenes of panthers with the bowl and grapes (which was grown and processed there), after analysis it is ascribed to the petrovian stone-carving workshop.

Research of the area showed that in Roman times in Veliki Bastaji there were country houses of Roman officials from Aquae Balissae (Daruvar).

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