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Wellness programs

Wellness programs

Relax with the wellness offer of Daruvar spa, whose wellness centre is discreetly integrated with nature, on top of the springs of thermal water and healing mud. Or go to the Thermal water park Aquae Balissae and its "Oasis of peace" where you will be able to relax physically and mentally.

The basic natural healing factors of the special hospital are the thermal water and thermal mud (fango). The water is, according to its composition and balneological clasification acratotherma, or in other words, indifferent water with a mineralization below 1 gram/litre. The average water temperature is 4,6 degrees Celsius, although there are smaller differences between different springs.

Chemical analysis determines that calcium and magnesium prevail among the kations, and hidrocarbonates among the anions. Deposits of mineral mud can be found next to the springs, and the creation of the mud is explained by a centuries old process of deconstruction of organic and inorganic substances, through the activity of water and the atmosphere, along with regular great temperature changes.  

By its composition, the mud is a heavy bluish-gray clay with tiny particles and grains of flint sand. The basic therapeutic effect that the mud (fango) has on the organism occur because of its physical characteristics - firs and foremost its heating capacity and thermal isolation. Chemical effects of the mud are much less expressed, but its biological effect is very important. It increases the stimulation of the organism, causing a series of healing effects. 

The thermal water park Aquae Balissae offers You the enjoyment of:
- massages (classical medical massage, sports massage, relax massage)
- saunas (Turkish/steam bath, Finnish sauna)
- whirlpool romantic corner for two.

The world of wellness-spa oasis in Daruvar spa presents an additional facility for health maintenance with natural healing factors. Authentic and modernly designed, the centre expands on an area of 1800 square meters and it offers:   
- one indoor and two outdoor swimming pools with healing thermal water   
- Spa-zone: water facilities – Jacuzzi with thermal water Finnish and Turkish saunas, relax-room    
- Fitness centre    
- World of massage: facial and body care zone (lymphatic drainage, anti-cellulite massage, facial massage, anti-stress massage, sports massage, medical massage, hot stone massage (with stones of volcanic origin).

Daruvar spa
Address: Julijev park 1, 43500 Daruvar
Tel: 00385 43/ 623-000
Fax: 00385 43/ 331-455

Thermal water park AQUAE BALISSAE
Address: Frana Kršinića 17, 43500 Daruvar
Tel: 00385 43/ 440-044
Fax: 00385 43/ 331-455

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