The production of honey and honey products began to develop more intensively in the area of Daruvar from 1935, and the first beekeeping association “Bagrem” was founded in 1974. Today, beekeeping of Daruvar counts up to 100 beekeepers and honey producers with approximately 10.000 beehives.  

Honey is the product of bees, a naturally sweet food that bees create by processing nectar and honeydew. Since ancient times, honey has been considered the most perfect product of nature. Everyone knows the healthy properties that honey contains, but most do not know that almost all of the elements that make the human organism are contained in honey.

Through its work, the beekeeping association “Bagrem” has always worked for the benefit of bees and beekeepers, and they extinguish themselves by good spring development of their bee communities. The most common honey of this area is top quality acacia honey that is used for problems with the circulatory system, for congestion, it strengthens the nerves and helps with restlessness and insomnia. One part of the acacia honey production is sold on the European market by the beekeepers of Daruvar.

Local beekeepers initiated the first form of branding the products, the certificate for honey from the area of Bjelovasko-bilogorska County, acacia honey, which got the name “Zlatna nit” or Golden Thread.

The Association has been organizing a day of honey called “Dan meda” for over 10 years. It takes place in the beginning of December, and during the manifestation honey from the area of the association is donated to kindergartens, and also various bee product specialties’ are shared with the people of Daruvar. In the area of Daruvar, smaller quantities of flower and lime honey are also produced.  


Beekeeping asociation „Bagrem“ Daruvar
Adress: J.J.Strossmayera bb, Daruvar
President: Zmagoslav Koudela, 099/637 6518
Secretary: Davor Marić, 099/413 6122

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