Ginko biloba

Ginko biloba

The oldest Ginko biloba tree in Croatia is located in Daruvar, in front of the Caste of Count Janković!

In front of the south entrance to the castle of count Jankovich, there are two specimens of Ginkgo biloba trees, a male and a female, originally from China.

They are located inside the castle's park, which grew simultaneously with the making of the castle and it was completed in 1780. It is the oldest tree species on Earth, which has existed for over 200 million years. The tree in Daruvar is the oldest and largest in Croatia and the second oldest in Europe.

The male specimen, with the volume of its trunk over seven meters, locals call Adam, and it is protected as a horticultural monument as an individual tree. Ginkgo biloba trees can grow up to 30 meters in height and 9 meters in width.

Unlike the male specimen, the female specimen of the Ginko tree, which the locals call Eva, is tall and slim. Ginko biloba is a dioecious plant, it blooms from April until May and its seed are mature from October until November. 

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