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The Dark Sky Park Vrani kamen




Dark sky parks are areas of exceptional quality of natural night starry sky without light pollution, protected for the scientific needs, astronomical, educational, tourist and other public activities. The importance of recognizing such areas and making efforts to protect them are increasingly important. The light pollution of the world is increasing and there are very few areas where stars and space objects can be observed. Light pollution puts the biorhythm of nature into disorder, damages human health, and unnecessarily and excessively wastes huge amounts of energy. In addition to the health, scientific, environmental and astronomical benefits of preserving dark sky parks, economic savings should not be ignored. That is why it is necessary to raise the level of knowledge of the entire publicity about the importance of the night landscape and keeping down of unnecessary and non-environmental lighting.



The Dark Sky Park "Vrani kamen" is located near the Daruvar city and covers an area of 8,000 hectares of the Papuk mountain, in the western part of Slavonia. In addition to its rich of flora and fauna, the park is a great place for astronomers and astrophotographers to enjoy watching and photographing the night starry sky. The most frequent area of the park is Petrov vrh, nine kilometers away from the center of Daruvar. All lovers of nature and astronomy can find refreshment and shelter in a mountain lodge at the Petrov vrh, and if it is necessary, to stay overnight.. The location of the mountain lodge "Petrov vrh" is very close to the location which is suitable for night observation, and where is also available the electricity connection,required for the functioning of astronomical equipment.


For many years, the Astronomical Organisation "Kumova slama" from Daruvar has used this pearl of nature and the fact that it has been preserved from unnecessary light pollution. In the Park area, this Organisation actively observes and photographs the night sky and space objects, organizes various astronomical events for children and adults. Because of the great potential of the unpolluted night landscape and its almost untouched nature, it is being worked on the thing that the International Dark-Sky Association is proclaiming this area an International Dark Sky Park.



For ten years, the Astronomical Organisation "Kumova slama" has been caring and quality-minded, but also promoting the clearness of the sky above Daruvar, by organizing an unique event in the Republic of Croatia, "10 Days of Astronomy" in Daruvar. Through the 10 days of the maintenance, the event introduces all astronomy enthusiasts, but also those who are about to become one of them, to the latest news in astronomy, and host renowned lecturers - scientists who, through their interesting and instructive lectures, bring astronomy even closer to everyone interested and related to it. Thanks to the selfless and quality volunteer work of the members of the Astronomical organisation "Kumova slama", the citizens of Daruvar, as well as the citizens of the wider region, including Croatia, know that Daruvar has one of the darkest skies in Croatia which needs to be protected from the light and other pollution so that everyone can freely observe the sky, stars, constellations which cannot be seen in most cities / destinations, as we could seen them at many destinations before mass pollution.



The Dark Sky Park "Vrani kamen" and the city of Daruvar with their natural and cultural sights and resources are suitable for the development of astro-tourism as well as scientific tourism. In addition to the richness of the unlighted night sky, the city itself has a wealth of catering and tourist objects which offer rich contents for everyone's taste. The entire area is distantly fitted into nature, at the very sources of thermal healing water and mineral mud. The City of Daruvar and the Daruvar-Papuk Tourist Board have all the predispositions to develop, together with the Astronomical Organisation "Kumova slama", another high-quality branch of tourism thanks to the already existing tourism infrastructure and the tradition of tourism, which is astrotourism, so the candidacy of Vrani Kamen Park for Dark Sky Park Vrani Kamen is only the first step towards achieving this goal.



"Vrani kamen" is an area of intact, picturesque nature that is largely protected from light pollution. In order to preserve this natural gem and permanently turn off the lights and turn on the stars, it is necessary to raise awareness of the importance of the night sky without light pollution. This initiative brings a number of activities that make nearly ten years of engaged and fulfilled work of the Astronomical Organisation "Kumova slama"from Daruvar. The society is the initiator of the idea of declaring the area "Vrani kamen" an International Dark Sky Park. This would preserve it from unnecessary and polluting light, and at the same time provide an area for observing sky and stars for astronomers and sky and star enthusiasts, and, most importantly, for future generations to preserve some of the natural wealth from their surroundings.


Best regards.

Daruvar-Papuk Tourist Board

Ivana Plažanin Vuković, dipl.oec.

Director of the Office


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